Environmental and economic sustainability

Every single Aurum Terrae Bio product does not have phytosanitary residues of chemical origin; besides they concur to preserve the balance of the planet. Being constantly careful and respectful to natural resources is our way to be grateful to the nature that surround us.

We have chosen to attach the outmost importance to the protection and preservation of our land. Our lifestyle is the respect for the environment, by adopting natural techniques without chemical contaminations; for the law, which regulate the organic products in according with the Control System equal in the entire European Union; for the people, whose working by our side and sharing with us the same values, create an ethic labour environment seen as a safe place for self-improvement and building a better world.

We belive in a better future for us and for the next generations.

As well as encouraging the well-being of the soil, plants and animals, environmental sustainability has the task to help human beings, leaving a better world to those who will come after us.

Our commitment to innovate through sustainability is expressed in the firm will of a series of actions: eliminating the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified organisms, reducing the exploitation of natural substances, favouring crop rotation, and same time, to meet people's basic needs (working and health conditions).

We trust in our land

In our opinion, sustainability means ensuring economic support for farms, because every farm is made up by the hard-work of men and women, a story of choices and sacrifices, the firm will to keep alive our traditions and our roots. All of these are values in which we trust, so in this way we strive to support an ethic network that recognizes the right compensation for our supply chain partners and allows us to produce according to principles of respect for the nature and the earth. Our contribution to a complete socio - economic and cultural circle that focuses first of all on people.

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