Abruzzi identity

The packaging who represent our identity

Aurum Terrae Bio wants to be the spokesman of the fundamental values as the will to belong to own roots and the love for the own land.

To store our products, we chose a packaging that, through its colors can express the whole soul Abruzzi, as green in memory of the luxuriant hills and mountains that gently move our territory and the blue of the sea that cheerfully bathes its coasts.

The design instead recalls, albeit in a stylized manner, the "Presentosa", the symbolic jewel of the Region forged by the hands of goldsmiths, with its characteristic filigree, laborious weaving composed of a double thread of gold or silver that recalls the shape of an ear of corn.

Fun Fact

The tradition traces the origins of the so-called "pendant of love" to the eighteenth century, while the spread of its name is linked to the literature, especiallyd to the most famous Abruzzi poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, who in his book The Triumph of Death writes: " Portava agli orecchi due grevi cerchi d'oro e sul petto la presentosa: una grande stella di filigrana con in mezzo due cuori ". (“He carried in the ears two heavy gold circles and on the chest the present: a large filigree star with two hearts in the middle").

In the Abruzzi culture the name Presentosa probably comes from the dialect “presentenze”, that it was the engagement coming out, that is, the first meeting the beloved settled to present each other their own parents.

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